Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

Opening The Core

S*x is

What is sex for you?
What is its purpose? Its challenge?

For some… sex is pleasure…is relationship…is spirit in the body…is embarrassing…is dormant…is quirky…is everything…is elusive.

For you ~ sex is __________________ (in 1-4 words).

Here are seven invitations to awaken the absolute beauty & love of sex for yourself. Dissolve the frustrations. There are so many benefits waiting for you to discover…

Choose one of us as your Tantra Heart Coach by phone, skype or in person.
Live a sexual spiritual life you love!!
Our methods & techniques are guaranteed to be effective for you….quickly too.

Introductory Conversation with Richard or Antoinette is free. Contact us to share what is important for you ~ what you would like to change or create in your life.

“Awaken the Eternal Lover” Tantra Heart 3 is July 24-30 at magical Hope Springs Retreat Center, Ohio. 2 places for women are available. Would you like to experience full Kundalini awakening?

“Discover the Lover Within” Tantra Heart 2 Total Immersion is August 17-21 in Sandia Park, New Mexico. Join this great journey…in the Goddess retreat center of Katrina Rivers & Rachel Fiske.

“Learn Joy, Excitement, Love” Tantra Heart 1, Sept 30 – Oct 2 ….inĀ  the Tantra Heart Studio in Cincinnati. Learn Cobra Breath 1 & so much more. Register now.

22 individuals and couples are participating in Tantra Heart Teacher Empowerment. Are you called to bring true change to the world by becoming a teacher &/or coach for individuals, couples or groups. Contact us for details about joining the team.

The Teacher Empowerment Accelerated Learning weekend is July 8-10 in the Tantra Heart Studio in Cincinnati. Contact us for details.

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In radiant beauty of sensual love.

Celebrating the ecstatic life with you!



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