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I have known Richard and Antoinette for a number of years and have found them to be wise, loving, joyful and completely ethical. I live in a different and delightful universe these days, and that is due, in large part, to the explorations that I have undertaken with their guidance and support. I feel deep gratitude for the light they bring to our world.Erin Thiele
For me, joining Richard, Antoinette and the wonderful student/teachers at TantraHeart has felt like coming home and reconnecting with family. For many years, it\'s been lonely out there with few to talk to about the things that really matter to me; how to better understand and operate the human experience, by living more fully, more consciously, how to become truely free in mind, body and spirit. Consequently, how to be at peace with myself and life\'s perpetual challenges. Its one thing to do the journey alone but we need community to feel like we belong. We need each other for support and encouragement. That\'s what I found with Heart Tantra. It makes me smile ... 🙂 xxx CatherineCatherine Pourreau
I have been blessed to discover Richard and Antoinette. I have been on a Tantric discovery path with them since 2006. For anyone who is considering exploring the deeper natures of sex, heart and consciousness, they are walking the walk and certainly can fluently talk the talk. They have huge hearts and are exquisitely sensitive to you. My beloved Ernie and I are grateful to have experienced Levels 1, 2, and 3. We are delighted to be continuing on this journey as it profoundly influences who we are individually and as life partners.Mary McElroy Perry
Richard and Antoinette are brilliant and unique leading edge teachers, guides, and companions for anyone's undoing of the kinks and discomforts around sex and love. Tantra experts of the highest degree, living the practice daily, they transcend and embrace the yogic aspects of the Mystery of Sexual Being and Consciousness and bring Embodied Love fully into this human realm of incarnation. Whatever path your are on, whatever your aspirations in these crucial matters, consider reaching out to them -- you will be grateful that you did!Michael Schwartz