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Secrets of Kaizen Sensuality

Imagine your sensual life continuously improving, day after day, week after week, year after year. Surprises unfolding continuously. Kaizen sensuality is the practice of continuous improvement into a natural blossoming of your pleasure body. Both the quality and methods of your sensual/sexual life can continuously expand through your ongoing commitment to discover new ways to make life richer and more fulfilling.

Kaizen was created in Japan following World War II. The word Kaizen means “continuous improvement”. It comes from the Japanese words (“kai”) which means “change” and (“zen”) which means “good”.

From our experience, the first secret of kaizen sexuality is to understand its purpose while making a commitment to yourself (and, when you choose, with a partner) to practice this continual improvement as an experiment for a least 90 days. Our adventure into this began as an experiment, which then, day by day, grew to be our continuous daily practice for over 12 years now. No end in sight.

The second secret is to be experiential and experimental in your approach. When choosing each sensual experience, practice trust of your self ~ be accepting of your senses, emotions, ideas and visions. It takes a lot of practice to trust, rather than react against.

Also, as an experimenter, learn to accept that some choices of sensual improvement will “pay off”, others will “go bland”, and some will “fizzle/crash”. The wide variety of discoveries, up & down, is a natural part of kaizen practice ~ “change for the good.” Each is valuable learning in your continuous expansion of sex and spirit.

The third secret  is that kaizen sex is based on making little changes on a regular basis. In most of your experiments, let go of looking for (expecting) major changes. The key is to approach your improvement with a positive attitude, a creating spirit, and a deep honoring of breakthroughs as well as confusions. You will be gradually releasing that which doesn’t serve you.

In your practice of kaizen sexuality, choosing to have us as your coach & teacher can accelerate your discoveries for living ecstatically.

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