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Searching for Enlightenment?

What is it you want in life?
What would tie everything together? Fantastically?

You are searching for ________________?
Meaning? Ecstasy? Love? Energy (bars)?

Imagine a “Cosmic Egg” about to be cracked open.
Each day.

To find the secret is searching within yourself, rather than on a mountain top.

To crack open the “Cosmic Egg” is the path of Tantra Heart.

What holds you back is gently released.
Genuine wisdom arises.
You skillfully navigate life’s challenges.

You discover your true nature, which is essentially free.
Enlightenment is liberation.

To search for enlightenment is to be an explorer.
Issues of loss or gain diminish.
Bondage to old patterns slips away.
Hostile qualities change to calm presence.

Within the “Cosmic Egg” is an eternal You.

In Tantra Heart practice, you learn

~ new aliveness of sex
~~~connecting joy of love
~~~~~~clarity of vision
…and voi-la...enlightenment is…You

Learn Tantra Heart’s powerful approaches & techniques.
It’s a natural thing to do.

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