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Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World


Some people lament, “Living in Bliss is impossible for me.” Others believe, “I don’t deserve to Live in Bliss.” To one degree or another for each of us, The secret to free yourself from issues is to let go of resistence.  Learn to practice acceptance and love with each difficulty. learning to identify and lovingly dissolve our limiting beliefs is an important benefit of Tantra Heart Kriya Yoga.

The secret to freeing yourself from all limitations is acceptance and love rather than resistance. “I see my ’stuff’ ~ I accept my ‘stuff’ (release judgment about it) ~ I bring my ’stuff’ in my heart with love ~ mysteriously it is then open to change & a new path. “Impossible for me” paradoxically becomes the precise path to Living in Bliss.

You are invited to explore the transformation of limitations to Bliss process yourself.  Participate alone or invite a partner or friends. The Free Meeting can be done by phone or in person in our home studio.

Also we are available for in-depth sessions as your Personal Coach by phone or in person ~ discover what is important to you ~ your total fulfillment, enlightenment and bliss. Call or email us with your questions or to make an appointment.

Free Meeting ~ Learn about Tantra with Richard &/or Antoinette

The meeting is 30 minutes (no charge). Learn in a personal, safe, interesting way how you can find many benefits from learning Tantra from us. Each person or couple is unique. Why not learn to be fulfilled in life? Relationship, sexuality, health, joy, excitement, spiritual awakening…all blossom.

  • Come to the meeting alone or invite a partner or friends.
  • You schedule the meeting to fit your schedule.
  • The Free Meeting is by phone or in person in our home studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Singles or couples and all sexual orientations are welcomed. There is no explicit sex or nudity in the meeting.
  • Our home studio is in Cincinnati.

Call or e-mail to schedule your Meeting with us to learn about the amazing benefits of Tantra.

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