Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

This is a pivotal time. There is a new opportunity for discovering & loving your deep true Self. New ways of being free…new ways of being a partner & growing a successful relationship…your opportunity to expand ecstatic life.

In a new season of growth, we are offering life-expanding workshops. These are wonderfully effective programs for living in bliss. Each is based on “discovering passionate spirit & luminous sex for a loving new world.”

Benefits of learning Tantra Heart include:

  • new clarity of life purpose
  • depth and new meaning in relationship
  • grow a current intimate relationship in wonderful new ways
  • attract an intimate partner who is absolutely wonderful
  • awaken your sexual spiritual life with gusto and flair
  • join sexuality and spirituality for a loving new world
  • deeply learn, feel & optimize all of your emotions
  • create vibrant health using new methods of energy and love