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Love really can fill your life

What if you had the warmth of love through each day? How interested are you? Does it seem impossible? Or, I’m almost there? Or, I’m ready to create this?

What appears with love “filling your life”?

  • Your name feels different. It is special on your lips & when others say it.
  • You kiss & are kissed. By family, friends, even in emails wonderful xoxoxoxox’s or the sensuous mmwwaahh.
  • With love through the day, your eyelashes go up & down in a special way. Little stars come out of you.

Even when hidden, love remains your birthright…your nature. Plus, so much better than its alternatives.

A body chemical called oxytocin, is ready now inside to be released, flooding your life with love. While learning to increase intimacy & bonding in your life, this love hormone leaps into action.

Your eyes are windows capable of connecting with people, all beings and situations with excited, in the body, love.

To fill your life with love is part of a growth cycle. You are being called now to be a true love artist, with a powerful set of interesting new skills. Learning love that fills life is guaranteed to be wonderful for you.

Here are opportunities to accelerate learning:

  • Choose one of us as your coach. Easy to do by phone, Skype or in person. 15  minutes free…when you want.  Or, 90 minutes in-depth sessions $80… to fit your schedule & budget. Gift yourself the pathway guide to expand love.
  • Or, participate in our workshop “Learn to Live in Joy, Excitement & Love” February 26-28. Additional retreats are available throughout 2010.

You deserve to discover the reality of love filling life ~ in your  relationships, work, life purpose, healthy body, sex, spirit & fun.

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