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How to banish stress from the mind

Tantra is a science of transformation. For the mind, as well as the body, emotions, relationship and more, change is always available. Turbulence for many is the daily default setting.From our experience, mind is continually inter-relating with heart & sex. Many people live daily with stressed sexuality, troubled relationship, and a mind ~~~ aaauuuggghhh ~~~ that seems to go crazy. Turbulence for many is the daily default setting. The mind “whacking out.” Over-re-acting. See the photo above for a metaphor of high stress (well, the picture above ours).

Your personal experience is probably a mixture of~ clarity of mind and distressed mind. As you know they feel quite differently in life. What to do with the churning mind? Do you want to learn to be skillful in navigating yourself from stressed mind to a mind that is peaceful & clear?

Learn to banish stress in your mind every time by slipping into it & through it.

Here is the practice. Observe the mind in stress.. Be interested in it. This ability to choose interest in stress takes practice … lots of practice.. Rather than being caught by or re-acting off the stress … choose to be interested in it. Be curious about the mind, even when it stresses.

Another practice is to breathe when stress fills your mind. Breathe in & from the belly. Inhale, belly expands. Exhale, belly recedes. Build the habit of observing belly breathing when the mind is “eating away” with worry or “not enoughness.”

Breath is a jewel in the body. Breath is presence. Breath opens a feeling of the eternal. Full awareness of breath is stress freeing every time.
Mind turmoil melts with “interest in” & belly breathing. You can learn to¬† banish stress by spinning it into a clear deep feeling of well being. Transform stress into a new daily practice.

Our commitment to you is ~ learn to live in joy, excitement & love…welcoming what life brings. No matter what. This is your birthright. You can learn the art of living stress free. For support in your transformative journey, call or email us anytime.

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