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Find What Undermines Joyful Ecstasy

We yearn for joy. The natural, flowing, bubbling feeling of joyful contentment is wonderful. The body floats in goodness. Ecstasy is excitement that pops us out of the ordinary. The world buzzes with new energy. Possibilities dreamed about ~ leap into being in the body.

To what level is Joyful Ecstasy yours?  What holds the feeling back? What undermines a continual streaming of joy & ecstasy in your body,  relationships & daily life?

From our experience the primary inhibitor is “not enough”. The persistent feeling, usually unacknowledged, that “I am not enough.” Not good enough, not fast enough, not attractive enough, not smart enough, not lovable enough, not disciplined enough. This is a long list. Long lasting too.

Shame is the deep emotional experience that  ~ “I am uniquely flawed, quite insufficient.” It is a deep rooted belief about self.

The feeling of shame makes it difficult to experience joy or feel ecstatic. “Not enoughness” masks natural fascination. To be vibrantly alive feels foreign when clouded by shame.

Shame is tricky. It cannot simply be banned, rooted out or killed off because ~ The paradox ~ you must fully believe that you are not enough (uniquely flawed) in order to put in the big effort to kill it off… which… in the belief of “not enough” operating… holds the shame in place.

The shift to new freedom from shame comes through the practice of “interest”.  As much as possible, find ways to be curious about your “not enoughness”. Experiment with new ways to see it, feel it, play with it, thereby opening shame to new possibilities. Make friends with it.

Learn to welcome in joy & excitement right with your feeling of “not enough”. This practice of “interest” includes choices of acceptance, non-judgement & curious exploration. To do this skillfully is a core learning practice of Tantra Heart.

The experience of shame actually becomes interesting. It’s exciting to see what shows up. Your life transforms.

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