Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

Ecstatic Union

For the Great Love of Your Life

Surrender into Self Love, widening to all that is.

Practice trust & vulnerability, preparing for love.

Faced with a challenge, navigate with love.

Greeting persons, say their names with deep love.

Find awe in affectionate touch.

Accept whatever is with love…and observe the change.

In our practice of Tantra Heart, love is a heart-to-heart connection that includes the whole body, the whole life.

What a gift to learn specific Tantra Heart approaches and techniques for accelerating love.

Do you believe you can actually create grand love?

Can you devote yourself to a daily practice of love?

Are you willing to be in love all the time?

The Mahanirvana Tantra declares, “In the intensified heart, excitement for the whole world grows.” Your love is your liberation.

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