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Exploring the Pain ~ Shame Relationship

Bruce Bower writes about the relationship of pain & guilt
“When reminded of a past immoral deed, people want to experience physical pain — and feel pain more intensely — in order to ease their guilt, asserts a team led by Australian psychologist Brock Bastian of the University of Queensland in an upcoming Psychologic…al Science.

College students who wrote about a past unethical act held their hands in ice water much longer and rated the experience as more painful than did students who wrote about an everyday event. Volunteers reported feeling much less guilt about a past misdeed after an ice-water dunk than after a warm-water dip.”

In our experience, when pain increases, we look for emotions of guilt & shame that may be stimulated inside (conscious or subconscious levels). Then we use Tantra Heart methods to transform the guilt or shame into interest, and observe when the pain fades. Pain can be a beacon to transformation.

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