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Every Day Sex for Every Day People

What is your commitment to sexual life?

Most people shop, floss teeth, shower, watch TV, idly chat, or drink tea on a daily basis more regularly than they arouse the sexual body. Within societal Puritanism, there is a definite bias against daily sexual experience.

We discovered 12 years ago the amazing benefits of every day sex. By the way, we are average middle-class people.

When we embarked into sex every day, persistent questions arose ~

  • Is this normal?
  • How to give permission?
  • Are we “nymphos”? (Especially for the woman)
  • What if the mood isn’t right?

Answers we gradually discovered ~

  • We can make this normal.
  • Daily permission ~ we are sexual each day to contribute to our vibrant health, spiritual awakening and emotional freshness.
  • No, we navigate lovingly into daily sexual desire, rather than manically.
  • When mood for sex feels closed, we create new practices resulting in a change of mood that welcomes sex.

Every day sex has wonderful benefits ~

  • Releases an immune system protein, immunoglobulin A, protecting against viruses
  • Awakens spirituality to supra-consciousness, beyond anything imagined, using Tantra Heart methods
  • Transforms emotions of fear, anger, shame, distress, disgust to excitement and joy through trusting the clarifying energy of sex.

“Good sex each day keeps depression at bay.”

Healthy sex promotes healthy life.

All these benefits apply to solo or coupled people. Each person can find the treasures of every day sex.

Considering what we are sharing here, what is your thought? Your feeling?

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