Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

Discoveries For Sensual Spiritual Success

Optimizing sensuality-sexuality-spirituality requires a discovery approach. Release inclinations to fix or do therapy. Be bold. Be an explorer. An experimenter. In your discovery approach, look for the treasures, no matter you are facing.

Whatever way you see your body now, accept what is and the feelings that arise. Practice loving yourself no matter what. To be in agreement with what is, to love presence, is the basis of our Tantra Heart discovery approach. You can awaken something sensually inspiring and fresh when you are willing to accept what is without judgment or criticism.

To be intimately with your body, sensuality and arousal (alone or and connecting with another) can stir up critical judgements about yourself. Shifting to the discovery approach takes practice to choose something other than judgement and expectation. What truly works is the practice of engaging curiosity.

“When I touch or am touched here in this particular way, I wonder what shows up?” What thought, emotion, sensation or picture arrives? I’m curious. Interested. Doing this encourages spirituality to open. Being in the freshness of each experience, being present in the body, opens the liklihood of surprise, mystery, moving beyond the “old box” of time-space-expectations. Wow…you are in a loving new world.

A profound discovery is ~ your future unfolds from the present, not from the past. This practice shatters the predominant belief that your past experiences determine your present/future experiences. To let go of being determined by your past is contrary to most of western psychology and new age thinking. From our experience, past does not predict future, unless you choose it to be, or are conditioned to have that way.

The great power is yours when you use a discovery approach to fully awaken your sensual-sexual-relationship-spiritual life. When is this yours? This moment. Each moment.

Contact us as a gift for yourself and through you for all the people you care about.
With great love for you,
Richard & Antoinette


One place for a woman is available for Tantra Heart Level 2 retreat. “Discover the Lover Within” Tantra Heart 2 Total Immersion retreat, June 2-6, at Hope Springs Retreat Center in Cincinnati has an opening for a woman. Click here for details about the life-enhancing benefits to be realized in this exciting Tantra workshop. Talk with us about special savings.

New teachers, inspired by Tantra Heart, are emerging in Chicago, Stockton, Memphis, Rocky Mountains, Augusta, Sydney & other cities. Contact us when you feel the first “whispers of a calling” to be a teacher/coach of heart-sex-consciousness awakening. The Tantra Heart Teacher Empowerment Academy is available to support your personal growth and your sharing of love service as a teacher.

Important elements of our Tantra Heart practice include:

  • make good things happen,
  • live adventurously,
  • honor the feminine,
  • choose music to inspire.

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