Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

  • Ecstatic Union

    For the Great Love of Your Life

    Surrender into Self Love, widening to all that is. Practice trust & vulnerability, preparing for love. Faced with a challenge, navigate with love. Greeting persons, say their names with deep love. Find awe in affectionate touch. Accept whatever is with love…and observe the change. In …

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  • 4 Photo Mosaic Of People

    You are not alone

    How do you make the world a better place? How do you become free & bold to truly make a difference? To break through feeling alone? What is your dream? Fulfilling your purpose is your birthright. And, imagine…you are not alone. Antoinette & I are …

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  • Opening The Core

    S*x is

    What is sex for you? What is its purpose? Its challenge? For some… sex is pleasure…is relationship…is spirit in the body…is embarrassing…is dormant…is quirky…is everything…is elusive. For you ~ sex is __________________ (in 1-4 words). Here are seven invitations to awaken the absolute beauty & …

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  • Mouse Cat

    News in the Time of Transformation

    It is never too late to be … what you might have been. Join the adventure ~ “Learn Joy, Excitement, Love“ ~ Tantra Heart 1, March 4-6….places for 2 students are available. Register now. Read Reviews of Tantra Heart. Write a testimonial yourself. Live a …

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  • Concern

    Exploring the Pain ~ Shame Relationship

    Bruce Bower writes about the relationship of pain & guilt… “When reminded of a past immoral deed, people want to experience physical pain — and feel pain more intensely — in order to ease their guilt, asserts a team led by Australian psychologist Brock Bastian …

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  • Love relationship

    Do You Know the Fear of Desire?

    Desire runs everything. Too little desire, then the urge to find it is painful. Too much desire, then feeling helpless makes life crazy. “The living cannot help but love the world,” writes Jane Hirshfield, a poet. Wish for your deepest desires. They always come true. …

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  • Exquisite Presence

    Every Day Sex for Every Day People

    What is your commitment to sexual life? Most people shop, floss teeth, shower, watch TV, idly chat, or drink tea on a daily basis more regularly than they arouse the sexual body. Within societal Puritanism, there is a definite bias against daily sexual experience. We …

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  • Releasing The Old

    See Yourself

    There are many ways to see yourself. One who Manages things? Controls the situation? Are you the Fixer? The Appeaser? Perhaps you are one who Bucks Up? Slides By? Is pressure to get things right a burden for you? How about to look good? Everything …

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  • Guru Store 3

    Searching for Enlightenment?

    What is it you want in life? What would tie everything together? Fantastically? You are searching for ________________? Meaning? Ecstasy? Love? Energy (bars)? Imagine a “Cosmic Egg” about to be cracked open. Each day. To find the secret is searching within yourself, rather than on …

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  • Couple On Ecstatic Island

    3 Steps to Mystical Sex

    Some of us yearn for the mystical in sex. To feel sexual sparks in a mystical experience can be fantastic. And, some of us have little interest, reacting away from mystical sex with shame or fear. Mystical inspires the sense of wonder. The word comes …

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