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BeLoved ** Naturally Loved

Have you heard the expression, “Be the Lover, Be the Beloved, Be Love”? Each stimulates a different perspective or role with love. Let’s explore the middle one. What is the feeling when you are the Beloved? When you truly are loved? 

By one person? By a group? By everyone? 

Is Being Loved something you are waiting for? Someday it may rise out of the mist? Or have you resigned to never experiencing it? Or do you envision “I the Beloved” as a result of your good actions and solicitous attention to others? Being Loved ~ the surprise fruit within your personal transformationOr is Being Loved the surprise fruit within your personal transformation? Perhaps “You the Beloved” has always been, and now you are learning to realize it in your true nature. 

Each person is honored exactly as she is within our Tantra Heart approach. Responding to the questions above, your “Yes” choice is a valuable place to begin your exploration. There are no right answers. The practice is to accept what is & grow interested in the possibilities of “who you are” from “where you are”. 

4 Tantra Heart approaches to Being the Beloved:

  • Find, over and over, the Beloved in yourself …. do this for yourself. When you find the beloved in you, others do too.
  • Practice receiving subtle love from whomever and wherever it appears. Be alert for the unspoken love coming your way & breathe it in. Realize that to fully open for receiving love takes lots of practice.
  • Practice re-naming the many little and big good things that show up in your life as ~ love for the Beloved (who is you).
  • Say out loud the word Beloved when you address another, perhaps quite a few others. Witness how this awakens your personal experience of Being the Beloved. 

When born, you were the Beloved. Everyone knows it. So, now? As an experiment, Be the Beloved for at least 20% of each day. Play the role. Then, after a month, raise your view to at least 25%. This and more is your natural birthright. 

Wear the cloak of your divine nature. When times are challenging, draw on your robe as the Beloved and wear it.

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