Our Values

Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

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Your personal enlightenment accelerates by learning to…

  • Be present ~ your ideal future unfolds from presence
  • Slow down ~ “when something feels difficult, I’m trying to go too fast”
  • Live with self responsibility ~ the end of being a victim, the growth of your personal power
  • See challenges as opportunities to benefit from
  • Discover the thrill of self exploration
  • Live with integrity ~ being true to self, being real

We honor the power of sex and spirit to…

  • Dissolve frustration & shame
  • Inspire an “explorer” perspective of life
  • Be exciting with deep purpose
  • Be a pathway to enlightenment
  • Grow love and relationship for ultimate fulfillment
  • Be illuminating of God in the body
  • Expand consciousness to all that is

You can count on us to…

  • Honor the unique You
  • Accept you exactly where you are
  • Give unconditional support & love to you
  • Challenge you to fulfill your deepest dreams
  • Share our discoveries freely with you
  • Communicate clearly and honestly with you
  • Help you feel safe while you stretch yourself in personal discovery

We dedicate ourselves to…

  • Excellence
  • Continuous learning
  • Being explorers
  • Being playful & profound
  • Personal and relationship growth
  • Passionate enlightenment
  • Including you in the growth of our work