Antoinette & Richard

Discover Passionate Spirit Luminous Sex for a Loving New World

Our purpose ~ journey to discover your true self

We are dedicated to helping you learn to live ecstatically ~ creating a loving new world.

For most of us, fulfillment comes through innermost sexual spiritual exploration. It’s also one of the deepest paths we have for self-exploration.

We discovered that Tantra Heart is far more personal and powerful than other practices. It’s actually fairly easy to learn to live in continuous bliss, fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment.

For more than 12 years we have helped individuals achieve transformation through the practices of Tantra Heart Kriya Yoga.


Our life before Tantra Heart?

People often ask what we did before we founded Tantra Heart and began teaching and coaching sexual-spiritual awakening full-time.

Married for 29 years in 1996, we were committed to keeping our relationship exciting and alive. Knowing that sex was important for us…


Antoinette~ Before Tantra Heart

Antoinette grew up on the west side of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1950 and ’60s. She attended the College of Mount St. Joseph through her junior year, when she ran across a boy she had first met while in high school: Richard.


Richard ~ Before Tantra Heart

Richard grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he attended Xavier University. After earning a degree in English with a minor in education in 1966, he began an early career in education.


Anya Shekina, founder of Intimate Passionate Love, describes Antoinette & Richard

In my quest to interview couples who have found the secret of a lasting intimate passionate love, and who are willing to share what that secret is, I find Antoinette & Richard to be truly special.


Interviews with Antoinette & Richard

Comments ~ An Invitation to Dialogue

We invite you into our dialogue. Share your thoughts with us about your experiences with us and Tantra Heart.   Explore subjects that are important for you, such as intimacy, enlightenment and love.

As we continue to explore deeper and deeper pathways to passionate enlightenment, we will share our discoveries with you. Please share yours with us by posting a comment on our site.

“Each of us is really an energy being, an ecstatic being by nature. Much of who we really are has been lost or covered up by the worried mind, the competitive mind and shame, a sense that ‘I’m not good enough. The time for the flowering of fabulous sexual spiritual love is NOW.” –Antoinette