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3 Steps to Mystical Sex

Some of us yearn for the mystical in sex. To feel sexual sparks in a mystical experience can be fantastic. And, some of us have little interest, reacting away from mystical sex with shame or fear.

Mystical inspires the sense of wonder. The word comes from the Greek mustikos, meaning an initiated person who enters mysteries to expand and liberate oneself. Perhaps, there are mysterious secrets ready to emerge through your exploratory sexual experiences.

The discovery of mystical sex surpasses understanding. The experience is beyond goal attainment and performance pressure. It is learning to let go into deep unknowns while being fully alert.

Learning Tantra Heart opens mystical sex for you, and lovingly assists in your navigation through the obstacles, judgments and fears that may arise.

  • 1st Step to Mystical Sex: Alone or with a partner, just before you initiate a sexual experience, create an intention (purpose) for your adventure that welcomes the mystical…the mysteries and wonders that may appear. Being open to mystical is quite different than trying to make it happen. The practice is to be alert for its presence…being open in a sacred space of new discoveries.
    An example of an intention ~ “I open to wonders of my body aroused as a gift for a loving new world.
  • 2nd Step to Mystical Sex: When moving into prolonged stimulating arousal, breathe in a deep rhythmic pattern. Give yourself to belly breathing, having the abdomen rise and fall with each inhale exhale, steadily, for an extended period. This breathing induces┬ábodymind trance. Worlds of mystery may appear through surprising images, thoughts, emotions and supra-charged sensations.
  • 3rd Step to Mystical Sex: As peaking moments of arousal/orgasming occur, of low or high intensity, pause, be in stillness meditation immediately after the peak, so you drift down, deeply aware, as might a downhill skier or skydiver float through space. If only for a few seconds, the relaxing, floating downward, fully aware, surrendering to what is, may open mysteries far beyond the so called normal.

Be an explorer.

Tantra Heart can be your discovery method for new benefits beyond understanding, beyond imagination.
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With great love for you.
The flowering of your ecstatic life is vitally important.

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    hey Richard, I was thinking of coming to your TH2 course.
    How many people are coming?
    Any chance of finding lodging?

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