Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2011’

  • Root Perspective

    Meeting … what is important for you!

    Would you enjoy a Meeting with us? Focusing on your sexual life, spiritual awakening, grow a relationship, fulfill your life purpose? Share your curiosity?    Resolve a conflict?    End a frustration? You are welcome to meet with us now…free… by phone or skype from anywhere in …

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  • Ecstatic Union

    For the Great Love of Your Life

    Surrender into Self Love, widening to all that is. Practice trust & vulnerability, preparing for love. Faced with a challenge, navigate with love. Greeting persons, say their names with deep love. Find awe in affectionate touch. Accept whatever is with love…and observe the change. In …

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  • 4 Photo Mosaic Of People

    You are not alone

    How do you make the world a better place? How do you become free & bold to truly make a difference? To break through feeling alone? What is your dream? Fulfilling your purpose is your birthright. And, imagine…you are not alone. Antoinette & I are …

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