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  • Discoveries For Sensual Spiritual Success

    Optimizing sensuality-sexuality-spirituality requires a discovery approach. Release inclinations to fix or do therapy. Be bold. Be an explorer. An experimenter. In your discovery approach, look for the treasures, no matter you are facing. Whatever way you see your body now, accept what is and the …

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  • Love really can fill your life

    What if you had the warmth of love through each day? How interested are you? Does it seem impossible? Or, I’m almost there? Or, I’m ready to create this? What appears with love “filling your life”? Your name feels different. It is special on your …

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    How to banish stress from the mind

    Tantra is a science of transformation. For the mind, as well as the body, emotions, relationship and more, change is always available. From our experience, mind is continually inter-relating with heart & sex. Many people live daily with stressed sexuality, troubled relationship, and a mind …

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  • Find What Undermines Joyful Ecstasy

    e yearn for joy. The natural, flowing, bubbling feeling of joyful contentment is wonderful. The body floats in goodness. Ecstasy is excitement that pops us out of the ordinary. The world buzzes with new energy. Possibilities dreamed about ~ leap into being in the body. …

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