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Honor Inner Knowing

Touch me. What does my body want?

Picture this. You are at a party with friends. Or with a lover in the kitchen. Or resting on the sofa with (envision someone).

The time is any time, actually most of the time, when there is something you want. The body knows what is missing.

You are a woman yearning for intimacy. You are a man sensing the body alive.

A challenge in this buttoned-up society is finding a way to frequently touch or be touched so your whole being shimmers.

Now, you are unique. Your desire may be a tender slow touch that brings tears to your eyes. Or a touch with such searing excitement that lightning fills the room. Or the surprise of connecting-hearts touch that you hope lasts forever. Each is a touch never to be forgotten.

What touch do you want with your whole life, your whole body? Occurring frequently, over and over again. Exquisite touch as common as breathing and smiling.

You can learn to change the habit of avoiding touch. You have the power to choose to create a new world for yourself of loving touch. This is up to you. Consistently wonderful touch is yours when you choose to learn its access secret.

To move from touch-missing  to touch-wonderful ~
• as an experiment today, reduce by 20% your shyness to sharing touch with others…observe what feelings arise…
touch at least 2 people today in a graceful subtle way that pleases them in a quiet way…go out of your way to do this…
• find true magnificence in one person today, then share a moment of eyes meeting with loving touch
• today invite 1 person to touch you in the way that feels special for you…guide the touch to your favorite feeling, and be, at least a little bit, bold.

Notice your discoveries when increasing touch. What shifts occur in your body and spirit?

Additional support to you for living fulfilled, actually ecstatic:
•    Choose to have a personal Tantra Heart coach
•    Participate in a Tantra Heart workshop
•    Consider becoming a Tantra teacher/coach
•    Enjoy a free conversation with us
•    Invite us to teach in your city

You definitely can learn to discover passionate spirit, luminous sex, for your loving new world.

With great love for you. The flowering of your ecstatic life is so important.

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